The orient express

Chanel No 5 commercial

DREAMY. After seeing the Chanel commercial I have been dreaming about traveling with the Orient express, I have even put it on my list on things to do before I die. For now I think I will just re-read Murder on the Orient express by Agatha Christie and dream away some more.


Sleepy head

sleepy head Picture by unknown

IN BED. I spend most of my time in bed now a days reading, watching series and some rare times cuddling. I hope my bed in London is going to be comfy.


Leopards and tigers

Leopard at Nordens ArkShy tigers

LYSEKIL. When I returned home on Friday, after spending five lovely days with Tommi, me and my family drove to Lysekil. My brother studies there and have a small apartment where we have been staying this weekend. On saturday we went to Nordens Ark, which is a great place where you can see animals, who are in threats of extinction, living as natural as possible. Nordens Ark was founded to provide a future for endagerede animals through breeding and reintroduction programmes and is not a zoo that some people seem to think. It was a great day and I get so emotional seeing all the animals. When we just had passed the tigers I saw the adorable text above about the them. I did not know that tigers are so shy.


Going to Skåne

n650205647_4556458_3683 Tommi. Picture by Therese

MONDAY. Soon I am going to Helsingborg to spend some quality time with Tommi. I hope the weather gets better so we can go to the beach and swim and tan. Tommi lives five minutes walk from the beach which is wonderful, I am a little jealous. Well see you in a couple of days!


Moving, moving, moving

31206 Picture by Unknown

I AM MOVING IN. I am thinking about how I would like to decorate my room in London. What I really would like is a big comfy leather armchair, white soft linens of Egyptian cotton and a warm rug for cold autumn days. What I probably can afford, after I have paid the deposit and the rent for the apartment, is some cheap IKEA linens and maybe curtains.


I guess this is love week

lelove Pictures from Le Love

LOVE. I found this wonderful blog called Le Love. It is all about love and you can find the most beautiful pictures there. The pictures above is my favourites, they make me wanna fall in love right this minute.



lovePictures from Le Love


I like short shorts

Pictures by Zina D and Noortje Kooijman

SHORTS. Lately I have evolved an obsession for short shorts. They are just perfect for summer days and nights. For example I love this two pictures from LOOKBOOK.


Manor house


NEW APARTMENT. I have finally found an apartment in London. I will be living in a three bedroom apartment together with two friends. I am so looking forward to moving and settling down on the other side off the sea.



Julia Roitfeld's home

appartment Picture from The Selby

HOME DECORATION. Some inspiration for decorating my future appartment/room in London.


Kitty cat

3700345129_6cd62c0cfc_o Picture from Flickr

SIAMESE. Right now I feel like settling down in a nice little apartment in London together with a beautiful Siamese. We would play in a nearby park and watch scary movies together in the evenings. She would be named Daphne (maybe) and would be treated like a princess. Even though they would be very different, her best friend would be Tommi's dog, a big Rottweiler.


Most beautiful girl right now

28774Picture from stureplan.se

IDA RISLÖW. I have a crush on this girl and I can't explain it but she is just stunning.



On the seaOn the seaOn the seaOn the seaPictures by Dennis and me.

ÖRESUND. I have been spending the weekend in Helsingborg with Tommi and his family. On saturday we went out to sea with their boat. I worked on my tan and we swimmed a lot, it was the best day in a while.