First week in London

The local pub

LONDON. Now I have spent my first week in London and it have been great. I have started working at BBH and me and my roommate have been exploring London. We have been spending quite some time on the local pub since our internet is not installed yet. It is kind of fun, right now lots of men is screaming like crazy over something as boring as fotball.


In lust I trust

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LATE NIGHT. Dreaming about silk blouses and perfect cut pants in my loneliness.


The perfect horse

DSC_0210copy (kopia)DSC_0186copy (kopia) Jamboree and his handler

ARABIAN HORSE SHOW. Today a friend to the family was competing with her horse in an Arabian horse show. He is a one year old stallion who is really beautiful and seem to have a temper of a wild cat (but I guess they have that in that age). He won the championship and thereby got elected the best Arabian stallion under three years in whole Sweden. Quite impressive and I think he will be even more wonderful when he gets a little older, lighter in his colour and gets a little more muscles. I have to say I miss horseback riding and spending time in the stable.