New wonderful computer


MACBOOK PRO. Just ordered a new computer. Finally I will not have to accept crash downs five times every day. Right now I have to use ice to cool down my computer when it is warm weather.


Hera/Bum Bum/Mr Fatso/Bera

Hera a Rhodesian ridgeback and a part of my family.

HERA. I am going to miss this little cutie deadly. It have been hard enough living in separate cities, now it will be countries.


First pair of pants in two years

Found this suit trousers from Tiger on sale yesteday. Photographed in Tommi's nice apartment, unfortunately do my mac book's webcam have very bad quality.



It is easy looking fashionable with a dog. Picture from French Vogue July 09 issue.


Investing in a new closet

PhotobucketPicture from Zara. I love the blazer to the left and the shoes to the right.

SHOPPING. I am thinking of going to Gothenburg soon to buy some new cloths and maybe a pair of shoes to prepare for fashionable London. I need at least two blazers, a dress, some basic tops and a pair of proper shoes. I don't know if BBH have a dress code but I'll take the opportunity to look dressy and maybe wear heels (for the first time in my life).